La vida secreta de las pierdas B&W Pigment print, 2018 18x12 inches

There’s no such thing as inert matter: North American philosopher Jane Bennett describes vitality as “the capacity of things –edibles, commodities, storms, meals- not only to impede or block the will and designs of humans but also to act as quasi agents or forces with trajectories, propensities, or tendencies of their own”.

Ruins are the physical memory of a territory through history. These fragments refer to the past, present and future at the same time: as an oxymoron, they confirm their persistence, they verify their futility. They grasp a biography. These photographs stage the materialistic conception that sees a continuity between all elements. The portrait of a human being is not more important, or relevant, than the portrait of a stone. La vida secreta de las piedras matches hierarchies: geology and culture become equivalent.

The aesthetics of rarefying quotidian things: plastic, an ignoble and disposable element, reimburses an immortal aura to the statues. The profanity of the translucent layer challenges the marble’s stoicism. Modifies its classic beauty. Obstructs it without eradicating it. Enhances its spectral quality while juxtaposes epochs in a unique space.

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La vida secreta de las pierdas B&W Pigment print 18x12 inches e/o

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La vida secreta de las pierdas B&W Pigment print 35x23 inches